MindReader turns 1, gets its braces taken off

Although the first prototype emerged earlier, the first production version of MindReader made its debut 1 year ago last Sunday. I’d like to thanks to all who have helped take it from its early 14-word vocabulary to the large collection of keywords it recognizes today.

Recently we’ve been debating how to best read your mind in the comments. I like to use natural keywords in an action to signify something (e.g. call Jose) but often a disposable keyword works best (e.g. isproject). While commenting on the desirability of avoiding the need to add [braces] around these types of keywords to make them not show up in your final task, I realized that with a few lines of code most “disposable” keywords can be recognized and removed from the task.

If you download the latest version of MindReaderNLP.mmbas from the macro library, you can now type “Download MindReader someday @web p1” and it will be converted to “download MindReader” with priority-1 and someday icons and a context of @web. Previously you would have had to type “Download MindReader [someday p1 @web]”. You can continue to use braces for items like destination map keywords.

Note that MindReader also now recognizes full dates directly without the need for ## delimiters, so you can type “Pay taxes by 4/15/08!” and it will set the deadline at 4/15.

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  1. Mal said,

    January 24, 2008 @ 11:26 pm

    Happy Birthday to MindReader.
    As a daily user of mindreader I cannot speak too highly of how much it has improved my daily experience and allowed me to move towards the holy grail of accessing everything via a mind mnager map.
    I started on an informal project probably around 18 months ago with the aim of bringing everything into a cetral portal so that I did not have to be spending too much time navigating my way through different applications and files and so on. Althouh I had been using both Mind Manager and Results Manager for a while at that stage I had not really seen the power that these could deliver. That was until MindReader appeared. Even then it took a while to really ‘get it’ and see how I could use it best but when I did it all suddenly started to gel in my mind and I could see the future and it looked good.
    As AO wll himself attest I have suggested fixes, improvements and additions that have certainly made my life easier but I also hope that they have helped others as well.
    AO himself (or perhaps it might even be a herself???) deserves a HUGE thank you and a pat on the back for devoting so much time to getting this project to the stage it is now.
    If anyone has not already played with MindReader I can only suggest that you spend some time installing it and seeng what it will do for you.


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