Map2Excel is a MindManager add-in for exporting Maps, or portions or maps to Excel. The add-in also incorporates Map2table and Map2Outline. The add-in can also reverse the process and import Excel data to MindManager.

Close MindManager before running the installation. Make sure it is not running in the background. You need to install the program for your versions of Excel and MindManager.

Download the add-in for the versions of MindJet software that you use:


If you need assistance, post a comment at: Map2Excel add-in Available

If you find Map2Excel useful, please visit the Donation page to encourage its ongoing development.

How it Works
Suppose you have a map you want to export to Excel or to put in a more printer-friendly format. Map2Excel can export this infomation in Tabular or Outline format.

Table output:

Outline output:

In addition, the Map2Excel also gives you the option of also exporting detailed information on start and due dates, priority, resources, tags, and notes:

This new installation also provides Map2Table and Map2Outline. Map2table converts a three layer map branch into a html table with the 3rd layer entries retaining their hyperlinks. Map2Outline converts selected portion of map to an html file outline with hyperlinks back to topics or their hyperlinks.

The program also incorporates the ability to import into MindManager from Excel (Excel2Map) using the “Outline with Details” structure on the Excel side.

Exported Map Properties

Map2Excel also includes a command to convert a 3-level-deep MindManager Map into an html file. The topics below the selected topic are used as column or row headings and the subtopics below them as the other heading. The 3rd layer subtopics are entered into the table along with their hyperlinks. If there is a forth layer of topics, these are added to the “title” of the html link and can be view by hovering over the link.
Contents [hide]

autoopen: automatically open the html file created
include_link : include hyperlinks from the map
mark_no_children: Put topics with not further children in italic
shorten_entries : create large tables by turnicating text
separator: Can separate table entries with hard returns, lines, commas,

Example Source Maps and outputs

Importing Excel Data
Excel files are very unstructured compared with maps, so for this add-in to work, it requires that you follow the template that comes out when you export outline with details:

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