ButtonReader: 40 configurable buttons for MindReader

Several people had asked for customizable context buttons in MindReader. In part because Stefan has teh biggest donation to date, I jumped right on the task. As of yesterday the ribbon has had an options button that lets you not only change the contexts but allows you to re-purpose the context, due, and time tabs to any keywords of your liking.

After using this new feature for a bit, I found that having just 12 keywords accessible via the mouse wasn’t so helpful, as I found I had to switch over to the keyboard and “mindreader” dialog for the less used keywords I couldn’t fit on the ribbon. Reflecting on this I realized the ~40 keyword markup options provided by OutLinker was probably closer to what I needed day to day marking up tasks and projects for my MindManager maps.

This morning over an early breakfast I added a new floating form that gives you 40 configurable buttons that you can use for whatever MindReader keywords you like. You launch the form (pictured below) by hitting the “markup” button on the MindReader tab. To configure the buttons, you just need to check the “click to configure” box at the bottom of the form.

Hopefully the add-in is stabilizing now and I can spend more time Getting Things Done (GTD) than programming!

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