MindManager Housekeeping with the ResultsManager Multi-Map Checker

I recently re-installed my Windows 7 operating system and moved my “data” to a D: partition. I also store my maps in a dropbox folder, which I symbolically link into my documents folder. Between these two factors, I ended up with quite a few broken links after the migration.

The ResultsManager multi-map checker has several handy features. You run it on your map central and it seaches down through all the linked maps and constructs a tree, which is marks up with flags that denote broken links, maps with completed projects, and a few other items.

By fixing broken links you can ensure all project information flows to your dashboard. By archiving fully completed project maps and the links to them, you can improve the speed by which your dashboard regeneration completes and reduce clutter in your folders. I typically just create a “done” folder in each sub folder and move maps there as they are completed. Make sure to close the map before you try to move it. If you have directly linked to the map, you want to clean that up as well or it will show as a broken link on the report.

If you organize your maps by year, you would hope you have quite a few of your 2009 maps complete at this point!

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    January 2, 2011 @ 11:48 am

    […] were probably only coming from a small subset of the maps being scanned. I occasionally use the Multimap checker to remove some completed maps from the network of maps scanned and to clean up broken links and […]

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