Four ways to add tasks to your maps from your phone

In a message on the GTD-MindManager Yahoo group, Juan asked about ways of getting tasks into MindManager from his new PDA. I thought it might be useful to cross-post a reply here for posterity:

Here are four options for getting items into your maps from a mobile device.

  1. Use to mail yourself task from the PDA and then pull
    the tasks in via an RSS map part (see A MindManager-Based RSS News Reader.

  2. Take that approach one step farther, and call in your tasks verbally
    to Jott with the phone rather than typing them in. This is handy for
    use when driving (see GTD Phone Home. ActivityDaughter also uses it to remind Dad of things like the need to get started on her upcoming Volcano project.

  3. If the phone’s task list is Outlook synced, you can pull the Outlook tasks into MindManager using OutLinker.
  4. If you capture the tasks in a note, you can paste the list into the
    MindReader GyroQ “q” tag, and it will process and parse each line separately into
    separate tasks. You don’t need to paste them 1 by 1. See Feed your todo list into MindReader.

    I personally tend to just carry two thin Moleskine notebooks (one work/one personal) in my pocket and log things there for later manual transfer with GyroQ.

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  1. rob said,

    February 16, 2008 @ 5:07 pm

    I just voice memo my thoughts into my PDA (i find this the quickest way to capture without loosing flow), then play it back and type it up at a convenient time – I’ve found this much faster than messing around with my tiny PDA keyboard and then doing a lot of cutting and pasting.

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