What’s next for your team?

If you start using ResultsManager in a group setting, you quickly realize that the default set of dashboards focus on you and your relationships with others. If a project or activity is not specifically owned or owed by you, it will not show up in your dashboards. While this filtering ultimately has many advantages, you will likely have a need for a more comprehensive breakdown of activities in your area, regardless of your explicit involvement. This is likely what has started you down the path of learning how to create a resultsmanager template.

The “Meeting Actions” dashboard provided with ResultsManager looks at your maps from a team-oriented view. While it is nominally advertised as providing a summary of action items from a meeting notes map, it can be used to summarize action items across a range of projects and maps linked into a map central.

The “Meeting action” dashboard can be tweaked slightly (by changing the activity filter to “X”) to enumerate committed “Next Actions” by person. This dashboard can be downloaded by clicking on the image below or visiting the dashboard library.


This dashboard along with a Committed Projects and Next Actions dashboard can provide a good starting point for team-based usage of ResultsManager.

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