Be prepared for your meetings in 2008

The latest version of OutLinker will let you select a set of upcoming Microsoft Outlook appointments and process them into MindManager so that ResultsManager can remind you to get prepared for them. The default next action is set to “Prepare for /meeting subject/” but can be modified. The deadline for the task is set on the appointment date. The appointments are left in place and not archived.

Outlook category text is also now being brought over as hidden text that can be recognized using keywords (e.g. to assign area, priority, etc). The outlook categories are automatically used MindManager categories but that can be done easily by setting up your category keywords in the mindreader.mmap file.

You need the latest version of MindReader in order for the meeting deadline portion to work.

Side Note: If you are meeting with someone who you have a lot of project information to discuss, you might want to consider using the 1:1 meeting ResultsManager dashboard template.

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  1. ActivityOwner said,

    January 1, 2008 @ 5:21 pm

    Note that there was a bug in the code on Sunday morning/afternoon leading to outlook links to moved messages not working. Make sure you download a fresh version of OutLinker.bas.

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