ResultsManager Available for MindManager 2017

I learned today that ResultsManager is now available from Olympic Limited for MindManager 2017. MindReader has been recompiled for use with MindManager 2017 as well.

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Map2Excel updated for MindManager 2017

Map2Excel has been updated for MindManager 2017.

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Map2Excel for Excel 2016 and MindManager 2016

First, apologies for slow responses to blog comments and emails. The MindManager world has been pretty quiet for the past few years and I’m not using it as intensively, so there is a bit of activation energy to catch up on emails and to dive back into Visual Studio to tweak things. Thank you to […]

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Map2Excel available for MindManager 2016

Map2Excel has been updated for MindManager 2016. The add-in works with Excel 2013.

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Map2Excel for MindJet 15

By popular demand I’ve posted a much-belated release of Map2Excel for Mindjet 15 on the Map2Excel page. Note that because I have not invested in necessary cirtificates, you will get warnings about download being unsafe from Windows and your browser. Please comment below if you experience and problems or send email to info at


ResultsManager redesign and re-release planned

From the GTD-MindManager Yahoo Group today: I am pleased to tell you that Gyronix is planning to redesign and re-release ResultsManager, to bring it up to date and add a number of enhancements, including much faster dashboard preparation. If you have not yet received an email about this, the best way to get more details […]

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Nick Duffill on how to Communicate with Mind Maps

Nick Duffill is one of the leading experts on mind mapping and the use of mindmapping software. I noticed in the Andrew Wilcox Daily that he conveyed some key advice recently at the Bigger Plate conference in the UK, captured in the video below. He makes some extremely important points here in this video on […]


Google turns out the lights on the blogosphere

Google announced this week it is discontinuing its RSS reader service on July 1st. I wonder if this will turn out to be a somewhat tone deaf decision on their part. In general it seems like Google likes any service they can provide that gets me to login to their system. The message here seems […]

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