By popular demand, I finally hunkered down and added code to reverse the Map2Excel process to allow you to import a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet into MindManager (“Excel2Map”) to create a new map.

This comes with several limitations:

The spreadsheet MUST be in the format of the “Outline with Details” export

At this point it does not import …

  • custom icons (unless in icons directory and part of a marker set)
  • images
  • attachments
  • custom properties
  • font colors
  • outline numbers not trimmed off

If you use map-markers groups, you should save these in a template that can be loaded before the import occurs.

If you need any of these features let me know and I will take a crack at it.

But on the positive side, it does import

  • start dates
  • due dates
  • priorities
  • resources
  • percent complete
  • notes
  • stock icons
  • tags, categories
  • hyperlinks


Map2Excel is useful for exporting a information you have organized in a Map into a more generally accessible and archival format. In some cases though, users like to make edits and additions to the Excel export and then bring that information back into MindManager. This new feature will enable users to achieve this.

You can download the beta (1.0.0070) from the Map2Excel page. Please provide feedback on how it works for you.

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