MMDevX Launches and Re-Launches

Nigel Goult, the generous developer who provided the 7 steps to create a MindManager Add-In guide continues to do great things to support the MindManager community.

As you may recall, Nigel’s guide and template enabled me to convert MindReader, MarkTaskComplete, and Map2Excel into installable add-ins and to add MyMapMacros to the mix.

He recently cleaned up and relaunched, a community/social-networking site focused on visual information management.

Ning site header

The content and activity there is rich and growing. If you are finding your way to this site, I imagine you will enjoy the mindmappers site as well.

Today Nigel launched, a showcase of add-ins for MindManager, including those from this site.

mmdevx logo

This promises to provide a convenient way for MindManager users to quickly identify add-ins to meet their needs.

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