A different approach to marking tasks complete

Juan has been collecting on his 2008 Next Action Analysis Contest prize with some macro requests. This weekend he asked for a MindManager macro that could take a ResultsManager dashboard with tasks that had been manually set to 100% complete (not processed with the “d” tag or “mark task complete” macro) and process them all at once with mark task complete. Right now you have to select sets of tasks and run the macro to mark them complete.

The new “ao_select_complete_and_mtc.mmbas” macro on in the mindmanager macro library and added by the new install will do as requested by Juan. You can manually set tasks complete (including repeating tasks) and it will process them in 1 shot. You just need to make sure you run it before you refresh the dashboard. Juan envisions having this macro run as part of the “Put it in front of the door” script.

If you take this approach, you want to avoid using the built-in ResultsManager “send changes” command before running this macro as it will permanently set repeating tasks complete if you set them 100% complete in the dashboard.

I figured I put up a quick post in case others wanted to test it or had ideas on how to best implement approach.

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