Move MindManager map attachments to disk and replace with hyperlinks

I got a request to add a feature to OutLinker to archive OutLook messages to disk rather than to a pst file. Rather than add that complexity to OutLinker, I found it easier and potentially more generally useful to create a macro that moves the 1st attachment present in selected MindManager topics to disk and replaces with hyperlinks. The default location is an “attachments” subfolder in the directory the map resides in.

This is not part of the setup program yet, so in order to try it you need to copy the macro code from the wiki and paste it into “My Maps\AO\ao_attachment2link.mmbas”. You can run this macro directly after selecting topics or launch it with GyroQ using the new “a2l” tag (packed text).

Users can now send outlook messages to maps by checking the “attachment” option in OutLinker and then thin out maps later using the code above. This is hot off the press so proceed with caution and report any bugs.

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