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Activity in the MindJet/Gyronix space has been heating up recently with the introduction of MindManager 8 along with impending new releases of GyroQ, ResultsManager, and DecisionMill.

For the past year and a half I have been using as a convenient way to share MindManager macros, ResultsManager dashboard templates, and GyroQ tags. While I prefer to limit all the macro/tag code on the site to items I’ve uploaded so that I can keep it consistent and supportable, it would be great if more users/readers could contribute to improving the documentation around installing and using the tools for getting things done (GTD). While several readers routinely contribute to the wiki, I realized I had never posted directly with a request for help.

I encourage you to create an account and start editing. Don’t worry if you are not an expert in wiki markup language — just get the updated text in and others can always improve formatting.

Some basic tips:

  • To create a new page just edit an existing page and add [[newpagename]] into the text. Once you save it, the new page link will appear in red and you can add content to it by clicking on it.
  • To create a new section, just enclose in ==New Section Name==
  • To add a bulleted or numbered list, preceed items with *or #

You can learn about markup hitting clicking on the “view source” tab on existing pages when you are not logged in.

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  1. Hans said,

    December 23, 2008 @ 4:02 am

    It’s been some time since I’ve used mindreader. Due to switching jobs, no laptop etc I’ve been wandering around looking in the clouds for a good replacement… There are some nice apps, but none have the easy of use of entering a simple sentence and doing the markup automaggicly.. (and being able to adjust the code ) So, back to here… and starting all over. Perhaps adding some wiki entries as well

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