Log Events into MindManager Maps using GyroQ

Kevin posted a question on the Gyronix Message Board looking for a method to compile an event log using GyroQ. He suggested using an approach analogous to that used by GyroTimer and even provided a mockup of what he is looking for:

GyroQ Event Log in MindManager

As I mentioned in Top 20 Uses of GyroQ Revisited, the GyroTimer gys and gyt tags remain in my configuration, but I don’t use them much. Perhaps the simplier approach of just logging events would find more use? I’ve placed the code and packed text for a new “elog” tag in the GyroQ Tag Library. As an experiment, I’ll also put a development version of this code on the wiki for collaborative revisions. Perhaps we should call this GyroTwitter :-).

For tutorial purposes, here is how the “elog” tag currently works:

queue:’_queuefile_’; Do this later rather than immediately
temp:’?|Event Log: Enter or Choose Area|Enter or Choose Area|_rm_areas_?’; Choose Area for event. A dedicated drop down list can be hard coded here in place of ResultsManager Areas
map:create:’EventLog’; Create event log map if needed
text:’Event Log for _rm_me_’;
Add central topic text
select:text:’Project Logs’;
create:main:’Project Logs’;
Create the “Project Log” main topic if needed
Create the area topic if needed
Create branch for today if needed
new:subtopic:’_time_ _queueitem’; Add the event entered at the GyroQ prompt

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  1. Kevin said,

    May 17, 2007 @ 3:41 am

    Excellent! Exactly what I was after and it works a treat. Many thanks.

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