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Individuals and teams adopting ResultsManager as a productivity tool can increase their chances of success if they are familiar with (if not adherents to) David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” (‘GTD”) methodology. The abridged audio version of David’s book is a good way to get started, particularly if you spend a lot of time in the car.

Several short interviews with David recently been posted to the net provide a brief (and free) introduction to GTD as well as some interesting Q&A. These include a two interviews at, which can be downloaded as MP3s, and the interviews on Procrastination and patching GTD Leaks with Merlin Mann posted on
43 Folders. [Note: These two were followed by 6 other podcasts and are now available as a single MP3 or ITunes file].

David Allen’s Webinar from earlier this week on the Best Kept Secrets of Personal and Team Productivity on on MindManager is now posted on the site. David seems to be a strong map user, having gotten his initial introduction to the software from the Gyronix folks.

The Productivity Show has a podcast with Nick Duffill on ResultsManager that provides a very good introduction to using ResultsManager for GTD. Nick also did a podcast in June 2006 with Eric Mack on getting started with ResultsManager.

More recently, Nick did a webinar with Mindjet on the use of ResultsManager.

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    July 5, 2007 @ 8:52 am

    […] Allen makes the point in the Productivity Talk podcast interviews he did with Merlin Mann at 43folders that the GTD book was line edited to be timeless and be fully […]

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