OutLinker hits the 1 year mark — take the survey

I just noticed that today (December 3rd) is OutLinker‘s 1 year anniversary, at least by its current name. It evolved from a set of macros that Mike over at nodeglue.com had created.

It has changed my work practices significantly, with an empty inbox at home and work becoming more the norm than the previous rare exception. It has also significantly increased the ease in which I could make ResultsManager a “100% of my stuff” GTD system.

I am at 18880 processed at work and 7796 at work for a total of 26,676 messages processed over the past year. That works out to just over 100 messages per work day, which is probably not as atypical as it sounds for the average knowledge worker.

I have no idea to what extent OutLinker has been adopted by others. It could just be a dozen or so of you for all I know. The prospect of figuring out how to paste the macro text into Outlook and adding references probably intimidates all but the most desperate. It took me quite awhile to venture into trying out Mike’s code.

So maybe you can help me out with estimating the user base as well as have some fun seeing how much it is being used. I’ve been thinking about using SurveyMonkey to get reader feedback and figured this is as good a place to start as any. Whether you are an outlinker user or not, please visit the link below and answer a few quick questions.

Click Here to take survey

It includes questions on messages processed, so we can add up the total number of messages that OutLinker has dispatched. I’ll let this run for the next 10 days and then summarize the results.

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