The ActivityOwner.Com site has accumulated almost 350 comments over the span of 10 months. I enjoy them quite a bit and find it manageable, but tools like MindReader and Mark Task Complete that span several blog posts have their conversations spread across the site, leaving readers stumped as to where to ask a question. The new wiki is working well for capturing evolving information in a single location and allowing reader contributions (thanks!), but isn’t a place for discussion.

Although it is focused on corporate intranet use, Jim MacLennan’s recent post on More Challenges for Applying Web 2.0 inside the Firewall resonates with me — “use the right tool for the job”:

  • A blog is more like a diary, a running commentary – especially suited for status updates on a project. Think like a personal notebook, or a lab journal, that folks can browse and search. Content here should be more around insights, observations.
  • Announcements – think bulletin board – is this the type of thing you would tack up for all to see, or send out an eMail to All?
  • A wiki is a search-able reference guide – an online book with many authors, but a single, commonly understood view.
  • A discussion forum is an electronic conversation – with many voices, but with multiple views.

This also ties into the GTDT / GTD 2.0 discussion started by Eric Mack. If this community can’t get our KM strategies optimized, how can we expect our organizations to do so.

So with that, I give you

For now it has forums for MindReader Installation, Usage, and Suggestions, which I think are needed in any case. Beyond that I’m looking for input as to the Categories and forums that might be useful. I don’t want it to be redundant to the several great forums already available now (see main page sidebar), but there could be room for more rapid and detailed discussions on usage and customization of MindManager, ResultsManager, and GyroQ.

Comment below or in the Forum Design Suggestions and take the poll. The forum has an RSS feed you can use to monitor the discussions.


  1. ActivityOwner said,

    July 28, 2007 @ 11:02 am

    After testing this out a bit I decided to stick with just using the wiki and blog. I think the blog comments along with the yahoo and gyronix discussion boards provide sufficient discussion venues.

  2. returns » ActivityOwner.Com said,

    February 24, 2010 @ 9:38 pm

    […] in 2007 I briefly experimented with setting up a set of discussion forums to work along side the wiki and the blog. At the time it seemed like spam was going to get out of […]

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