Add Notes and Hyperlinks to GyroQ Entries (or not)

GyroQ allows you to attach notes and hyperlinks to the topics you are sending to your MindManager maps. The hyperlink command has an “auto” option that can magically extract a hyperlink from the a body of text automatically. These options can be handy if you are copying the content of an email associated with an action item or making a note to return to a website link.

The “Information (with Clipboard)” tag included in the default set of GyroQ tags uses the clipboard as the source of the note and hyperlink. You can make use of the code from this tag in action item related tags, but the downside is that you will often end up adding random notes and links to your entries when your clipboard happens to hold text from a previous unrelated cut/paste.

You can work around this by defining different tags for for diffierent purposes (e.g. “Action item with note”), but with only 20 tags to work with, and several other attributes to potentially set (e.g. specific destination maps, priority, due dates, etc), you can run out of entries fairly quickly.

One solution to this problem is to use the GyroActivator’s dynamic input capability to to optionally add the information in the clipboard as a note and/or hyperlink. The code below is an extension of the “destination map” code described previously.

map:’?Choose a map?’;
notes:’?Press down arrow to include these clipboard contents as a note: _clipboard_|_clipboard_?’;
hyperlink:’?Press down arror to include hyperlink from these clipboard contents as a hyperlink: _clipboard_|_clipboard_ ?’:auto;
complete:0 }

The new “notes” and “hyperlink” lines instruct you to enter a note or hyperlink directly into the dialog box or to press the down arrow to use the clipboard contents. If you don’t want either, you can just hit “skip” or “OK” to ignore the options.

In the example below, the dialog box is displaying the amazon link for the clipboard and providing the option to add it as a

dynamic input example

You can paste the packed text below into you GyroQ dialog box to add this sequence to you configuration. You must enable “Use extended tag” under options to be able to access the tag. This info is also available in the GyroQ tag library. More information on the GyroActivator language is available by choosing “GA Help” while in the “Change Tag Settings” dialog box.


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