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Feed your to-do list into MindReader

Up until now MindReader has processed individual tasks entered at the GyroQ prompt. Mal mentioned on the GTD-mindmanager yahoo group that it would be useful to have a drag and drop capability to pull in tasks he was accumulating in his Palm PDA. In order to address this need, the MindReader “q” command has been […]

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RSS Feeds added for Yahoo MindManager and GTD_MindManager Groups

RSS Feeds were recently implemented for both the Yahoo MindManager and GTD_MindManager groups via The MindManager group focuses on general MindManager issues. The GTD_MindManager group focuses on utilizing MindManager for GTD, with lots of ResultsManager discussion. The group recently passed the 1100 member mark and is growing steadily each week. RSS Feeds Group RSS […]

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Google turns out the lights on the blogosphere

Google announced this week it is discontinuing its RSS reader service on July 1st. I wonder if this will turn out to be a somewhat tone deaf decision on their part. In general it seems like Google likes any service they can provide that gets me to login to their system. The message here seems […]

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By popular demand, I finally hunkered down and added code to reverse the Map2Excel process to allow you to import a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet into MindManager (“Excel2Map”) to create a new map. This comes with several limitations: The spreadsheet MUST be in the format of the “Outline with Details” export At this point it does […]


José Miguel Bolívar on using ResultsManager and MindReader

José Miguel Bolívar, an early adopter of the Mindreader add-in, has a couple of recent blog entries on how he uses the tools for GTD at his site. See MindReader: The brain of my GTD tool and ResultsManager: The body of my GTD tool along with a post tying things together on How to […]


Map2Excel Add-in Available

The Map2Excel tool has been converted to an easily installable MindManager add-in. More information is available here. The add-in also incorporates Map2Table and Map2Outline. To download the add-in, visit Note that the ActivityOwner Tools Add-in is also fairly functional now and ready for testing and feedback. SAMPLE INPUT: SAMPLE OUTPUT:

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Any Interest in an ActivityOwner Tools Add-in for the Ribbon Toolbar?

The blog has been relatively quiet for past several months so I’m not sure how many regular readers and tool users are swinging by the site or following by email, RSS, or twitter, but here is a question: How much interest do you have in an add-in that adds an “ActivityOwner Tools” menu to the […]

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MindManager 9 Task Date Issue Update (Part 5)

When we left off in Part 4, we were getting started on the initial next actions of a “funnel timeline” project plan for addressing task date issues in MindManager 9: The goal of this series of posts is to both work through the MindManager 9 task date issue and to attempt to provide a working […]

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