MindManager Project Management Part 3 – GyroQ Capture

Sorry for delay in the next post on this series. I expected it to be “Part 3 – Project Planning” but it became “GyroQ capture” for reasons I’ll explain below.

In Part 2 we brainstormed ideas around the MindManager 9 task date issue and sorted the information into a rough outline. The next day after testing MM9 and the tools in practice and came across a few issues and was tempted to dive into creating blog posts, wiki pages, and getting started on coding on a week night.

One of the key reasons for using GTD and ResultsManager is to assess and prioritize work. After enumerating issues (1st step in project plan from Part 2) I concluded that I couldn’t easily code around the various road blocks presented by MM9 on my own and best course of action given other pressing priorities was to set project with a “waiting for Mindjet” next action and a “someday/maybe” to continue the series as time permits.

But in order to capture the issues I found that day, I used the MindReader q tag in GyroQ to capture the information and send it to the map I had created on the issue. This is done automatically as I’ve created a destination keyword (mm9project) for the map:

due date bug

gyroq capture

This enabled me to quickly get these two observations out of my head and let me spend that evening on more pressing career-related tasks. Now when I return to the project map, I have these issue listed in the project in-tray to be processed.

gyroq intray

Because I used the “isinfo” keyword, these items were not set to tasks that would distract me in my dailyaction dashboard. The phone icons added to the topic by mindreader are due to the string “call” being present in the topic. This make Mindreader think they might be related to phone calls (which would typically be the case).

Next up: MindManager Project Management Part 4 — Project Planning


  1. Charles Bartlett said,

    October 17, 2010 @ 12:01 pm

    Excellent. Very clear and I get this.

  2. MindManager Project Management Part 4 — Project Planning » ActivityOwner.Com – Getting Things Done with MindManager, ResultsManager, and GyroQ said,

    October 17, 2010 @ 12:49 pm

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