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MindManager Project Management Part 2 – Brainstorming

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

A few months back when I polled readers on “What is the next action for“, the two leading responses were “Tutorials on writing macros” and “examples of how I use the tools”. I figured coping with the current MindManager Task Date issue provides a good case study to start to address the later. In […]

What do I do when I…

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

In a coment on the project management series, Charles suggested MindManager map outlining how to accomplish certain tasks with MindManager, GyroQ, ResultsManager, Outlinker, and other tools in the site. A map might ulitmately work, but I think using a page on might be easier to put together collaboratively. I’ve pasted in his initial outline […]

MindManager Project Management Part 1 – Definition

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

As regular readers know, my Saturday morning hobby for the past few years has been to develop and share new ways of using MindManager for implementing David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology. The past several months I have been more focused on quietly using the tools rather than procratinating by tweaking them, but the […]

MindManager 9 Task Date Issue

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Xiahung commented on the blog this week that MindManager 9 was adding task durations as “end date-start date” and causing unexpected date-related behavior in his ResultsManager dashboards. I hadn’t noticed issues in the pre-release version I’d done some cursory testing on, but Nick Duffill has now determined that changes were made in the final release […]

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