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The latest newsletter from DavidCo pointed out that David Allen is now writing a weekly GTD article on the Huffington Post. His 2nd contribution, Think Smarter by Capturing your Ideas is absolutely required reading for GyroQ and MindReader users.

“How many thoughts and ideas do you have daily which represent useful things to do or potentially enhance or improve projects, situations, and life in general? How many have you had and forgotten, and forgotten that you’ve forgotten?”

Unfortunately his example captures could be better written if he had MindReader in mind:

“”I ought to call Susan and ask her about where she stayed in Hawaii…”
“I need to write up the meeting agenda and email it to the team.”
“Wonder what marinade I’d use to cook a lamb on the grill…”
“I ought to update Bill about my conversation with his customer.”

MindReader wants to see the “Action verbs” (call, write, wonder, update) at the start of the sentence so it can infer the context (@phone, @computer, @research) and partners (Bill@).

Well, in the theme of David’s article….
Control-Q q Draft mindreader code to automatically parse out I-ought-to and I-need-to someday :-)

While you are in GTD-refresher mode, check out this YouTube video of David summarizing GTD principles (thanks to whatsthenextaction.com)

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