What are your next action verbs?

A key strategy of GTD is breaking down your projects into a sequence of Physical Next Actions that you can sort into context lists to be done when appropriate. The ResultsManager Daily Action Dashboard provides you with these context lists.

The new Next Action Verb Analysis macro scans the next actions branch of the dashboard and generates a map that analyzes the next action verbs you are using. Reviewing the lists may help you to identify opportuntities to make a stagnant project move along by converting a “amorphous blob” activity into a set of widgets to be cranked. It can also help you identify common verbs that you might want to automatically associate with a context when processing using MindReader.

My “home” next action verbs currently shake out as shown below. The overall total shows a need for some “weekly review”. It shows many projects in sitting in the borderline “someday/maybe” research stage.

Further background and instructions for using the macro are on the tool’s wiki page.
Give it a try and see if you find it useful. Feel free to share your leading verbs in the comments.

Next Action Verb Break down

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