My Committed Next Actions Toward Success

Over time I’ve customized the GyroQ “You’ve Got Mail” script to send me three separate email messages each morning based on ResultsManager dashboards that have updated overnight— one for deadlines, one for targets, and one for next actions.

This morning I noticed that while the targets and deadline messages were showing up fine, the “My Next Committed Actions towards Success” messages had stopped coming in a few days ago. I tested a few times and couldn’t identify a problem. I figured my dashboard had finally gotten so hot that it was crashing the system somehow.

This evening I happened to venture into my Gmail spam folder and discovered the missing messages. Apparently the catchy subject line or my next actions looks like spam to Google. Perhaps I should identify a more specific next action than “make money fast” :-). Hopefully the “this is not spam” button will allow it to come through tomorrow. I figured I’d give readers a heads up in case you run into the same problem.

While I have your ear, I want to point out Nick Duffill’s latest post on Spiral Presentation Maps and Virtual Donuts. I’d recommend giving it a good read along with the others on his essay sidebar. If you are new to mind-mapping and excited to increase its use in your organization, you’ll find that nothing is more pivotal in shaping senior management’s viewpoint (positively or negatively) than how effectively the tool is used in presentations.

If MindJet’s marketing department was smart, they would require user to pass a quiz on Nick’s essay along with The Rights and Wrongs of Sharing Maps before unlocking the “presentation mode” button :-).

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